Increasing Power Demand in India, Need for Sustainable Supply and the Arising Case of Open Access – An Evaluation

Evolving Indian Power Industry and the Contributing Factors The Indian power sector is undergoing a significant change that shall redefine the industry outlook and hence the demand-supply mechanics of the sector. With Government giving enhanced focus upon the sustained power sector development is bound to have take Indian power sector into more fast paced growth. The power sector India has over the years evolved from nascent stage to the quickly moving developing stage and is most likely to reach the peak of the developing stage in coming decade. The attributes which have lead to this transformation are as following: 1.The  falling rate of demand-supply deficit in India: India as a country has witnessed steady growth in the per capita consumption of the electricity from ~ 410 kWh in 2002 to ~ 1200 kWh in 2016. Despite the growth, India still lacks its BRICS counter parts by good margins, which clearly suggests a large unmet/latent demand in the country 2.Renewable Sector gaining grounds in India: The pace of solar capacity additions in the country has seen gaining momentum which has improved upon the overall industry attractiveness with several new industry participants emerging in the country 3.Increased Rate of Installed Capacity Additions:

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