Opportunity Sizing in Water Desalination Equipment Market in India

Global Desalination Equipment Market in Globe

India falls under the APAC region, which is considered as one of the fastest growing regions among the world. Amidst higher rate of population and ever increasing population to water demand exhibit-01-global-water-desalination-equipment-market-during-2015-in-usd-billionratio, India will soon graduate to the water stressed countries in the world. Although, India does have some indigenous rivers which lead to adequacy in water supply in many locales of the country. However, with major states like Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are facing severe water crisis which presses the need for water desalination in the coastal parts of these states. India, already has more than 1000 installations per se water desalination plants some of which are very big in size.

As the demand for desalinated water grows the demand for water desalination equipments will also grow. The key technologies which find application in India are membrane and thermal technologies. The global market size of water desalination equipment is close to $ 19.5 Billion. Region wise split for this market is depicted in Exhibit 01 With leading region being Europe contributing close to 40% of the global desalination equipment market. With Europe being the market leader and APAC region being the next region in utilization of water desalination technology the cumulative size for the world evolves nearly to be $22 Billion for water desalination equipments.


Water Desalination Equipment Market – India

With India, China and Australia as the major countries in the APAC region pushing the demand for water and hence desalination the exhibit-02-water-desalination-equipment-market-in-indiaopportunity for market players in this region is excellent. Specially in India, now the focus is shifting to the eccentric ways of water resource management and treatment to water desalination projects. More numbers of water desalination projects are being set up in the country mainly in the water starved states of the western and southern region. Currently the market size for water desalination equipment industry in India is close to $1 Billion. The growth scaled is close to 100% from 2008 levels till date and is expected to grow further with a robust rate. The market size is depicted in Exhibit 02.


The market for the water desalination equipment in India is growing at a fast pace courtesy the growing demand of water owing to increased population and urbanization rate. In the APAC region followed by China and Australia, India is the largest contributor to the growth of  water desalination equipment market.exhibit-03-water-desalination-equipment-market-in-india-2010-15-in-usd-billion

With close to 20% of the current market share from APAC region, India boasts a market size of $ 1.05 Billion for municipal water & waste water equipments (As per 2014 December figures).

The market is expected to grow by 18% more from the current levels in 2015.  With technologies  like RO, MSF and  MED being utilized in India and  MED being the most widespread technology the water desalination market is expected to gain momentum and further more capacity additions are expected. Growing concerns about environment is forcing attention toward another developing technology, namely solar desalination.


Indian Water Desalination Equipment Market – By Revenue

The market for the water desalination equipment in India is gaining momentum and is evolving as one of the closest in terms of market size with China.exhibit-04-water-desalination-equipment-market-in-india-2013-15-in-billion-by-revenue

The water desalination market  in India is also categorized into following three sub-sections majorly basis the technological applications :-

Ø Multiple Effect Distillation (MED)

Ø Multiple Stage Flash Distillation (MSF)

Ø Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Amongst the listed category as above, the share of MED equipments is biggest in terms of revenue as this technology leads to the highest  volume water desalination. It is followed by RO & MSF respectively. The share of MED is 71%, RO is 22% and MSF is 7% respectively. The market revenue is depicted in Exhibit 04.



Indian Water Desalination Equipment Market – By Equipment

The  water desalination equipment market in India is dominated by three prevalent technology and the associated set of equipments. The largest  in terms of application and  in terms of technology used in current capacity are  RO and MED respectively. Although, certain new technologies are evolving as well in the country but RO is the most popular technology in terms of water desalination application. In terms of plant wise application  RO plants and the equipments associated with same and is followed by MED and MSF respectively. Exhibit 05  depicts  the split broadly for the desalination equipment market in India.



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